The Dragon Arrows

On to Neverwinter!

Adventurers – Biblios (Barbarian), Ellywick (Monk), Silver (Rogue), Tim (Warlock), Glim (Wizard)

Biblio, Ellywick, and Silver returned to the Smithy to retrieve their crafted goods. Being a little short of gold, and not quite understanding the concept of “short gold,” Silver stepped in and satisfied Biblios’ bill. In return, Biblios received a rather gratifying, massive, two handed sword.

Meanwhile, Glim and Tim visited an evil nemesis in the town jail. A necromancer, captured and stripped of his spell book, stood in a lonely cell. Rather confident in his confines, the dark magician entertained a short conversation. After some prodding he explained the reasoning behind his recent excursions to the old owl well while claiming innocence for murders, he claims, he did not commit. Glim then presented his black book of animation much to the delight of the prisoner. The man recognized the tome and requested a closer look. Knowing the potential dangers an arcane book could present in the hands of such a spell caster, Glim refrained. Instead the two learned that the wizard was from Thay, an infamous mage-controlled city. Upon leaving the jail, Glim presented Tim with the Spider staff to aid him on his adventures.

The group spent the afternoon taking care of errands around town. Silver worked on his paintings, Biblios nursed a hangover, and Glim took Archibald and his caravan to Carp’s family farm for storage. Glim was thanked for allowing Carp to aid him on the caravan construction. Carp’s mother, Qelline Alderleaf, gifted Glim a handmade, woven hammock and a home cooked meal of stewed carrots, tomatoes, cabbage, and braised rabbit. The group reconvened and bedded down for the night. In the morning, it would be on to Neverwinter!

Waking up early, the crew set off on a two-day trek to the City of Skilled Hands. The first day was rather uneventful. Comrades shared stories of days past and planned for their future business in Neverwinter. The flames of the fire drew low as the adventurers prepared for rest. During Ellywick’s watch, a stranger approached. The intruder immediately recognized Biblios, a fellow dragonborn. The group learned his name, Makahi, and that he was in search of another dragonborn, Zon, the Bard of Brass Lantern past. After denying any knowledge of Zon, the bounty hunter moved on, towards Phandalin.

On the second day the group continued north along the main road until they spotted some debris in the grass that led them to an abandoned merchant wagon. The clearing the wagon sat in also contained a large, opulent, tent filled with rugs and other luxuries. Closer inspection of the wagon revealed statues, busts, and other simple treasures. Another oddity was the presence of stone grasshoppers crunching under foot. After further investigation, the party solved the riddle. About a hundred feet beyond the tent, on the other side of the grassy area, stood a vile lizard-like creature chewing on a stone man. In the statue’s hands sat an invaluable painting. Silver’s heart dropped. At that moment, the basilisk turned and charged the tent. The group quickly ducked out of the way of its petrifying gaze. Ellywick quickly grabbed the large mirror in the tent and aimed it at the opposite opening. Glim prepared the tent floor with magical grease…of which, Biblios promptly charged through. The Barbarian leaped in the nick of time, clearing the grease, and meeting the beast head on at the opposite tent flap. Silver and Tim hid behind the near entrance of the tent while Glim crept around to the backside, preparing an invisibility spell. Meanwhile, Biblios and Ellywick bravely fought the creature blindly, refusing to open their eyes. As Glim reached the rear opening, Biblios slew the reptile. A distraught Silver tried to find a way to repair the painting, but all his effort was in vain.

The mounted travelers continued on and reached Neverwinter by dusk. Upon entering the gates, the first stop was the legendary Moonstone Mask for a drink and to catch up on the local gossip. The bartender told a story of local deaths occurring at the docks. Apparently, bodies were randomly showing up, shredded to death. The area had been searched but no evidence existed of the killer. Piqued with curiosity, the group kept the mystery in mind as they packed up and headed to Brass Lantern headquarters.

Reaching Brass Lantern, the party learned that Borgin was not currently in the office. After a rather adversarial conversation with the gate guard, the tired group asked to be put on the meeting list and for accommodations for the night. Everyone went to sleep except Silver. Silver decided to take this opportunity to provide some creative ridicule of the night watchman. As he fulfilled his late night shenanigans he noticed a trio of men entering the courtyard from the gate. It was Borgin and his two bodyguards, Itham and Forath. Silver noticed a limp to Itham’s step and was intrigued. The next morning he informed the group of what he had witnessed. They approached the guard, asked for their meeting with Borgin, and were promptly denied. A comical conversation had with Borgin’s father only confused matters more.

As they expressed their frustrations again, they noticed a small patrol, led by Magrin, forming up and heading out. After learning of the soldier’s destination, they headed down to the docks. Another body had been found, again, shredded to a pulp. Obviously disappointed in the patrol’s limited investigation, the party decided to stake out on top of a nearby building and keep watch on the area.

Later that quiet evening, a loud scream could be heard from below. Rushing over and looking, the adventurers saw a streaking shadowy figure descending from the sky and ambushing a lowly worker. After covering the ground in gore, the winged, stone wretch darted towards the party. The gargoyle’s stone skin repelled many of the mundane attacks until Silver’s adamantine arrow struck home slaying the foul creature. The mystery had been solved with no help from the bumbling patrol.

Finally, the group was rewarded a meeting with Borgin, head of Brass Lantern. They learned of an evil plot involving some villains of recent past. Borgin showed the group the symbol of the seven-pointed star, the same symbol found on the drow, cleansed from the Wave Echo cave. Borgin learned from the party of the Illithid within the cave. Borgin explained his undercover activities then retired to the bedroom to further his intimate interrogation.


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