The Dragon Arrows

Ravensbrook Runs Red

Part 1

Adventurers: Biblios, Ellywick, Finley, Silver, Tim

The rogue returns

The summer heat beat down on the region, but there was little time to bask in the sun as the Brass Lantern kept their adventurous contractors busy. While they had control of the Neverwinter situation, there was always a thousand other contracts filling up their busy notice board. Biblios, Elllywick, Finley, Glim, and Tim had been busy on the road tackling the mysterious cackle fever, and the ominous Brotherhood. So back in Neverwinter they stole a few moments respite, not to mention celebrating Finleys birthday. One never asks a lady gnome how many moons she is mind, plus she was very preoccupied with obtaining an elephant…

The rogue returned. Just as the wizard vanished. Borgin shrugged, he knew that while they took on jobs for him, each of his adventurers often went walkabout to deal with personal business. Glim would no doubt reappear at just the right moment, in time for dinner and a pint he quipped. The wizards wizened cogs were always turning, and that business at the university had him concerned.

Silver exchanged some what rushed greetings with his comrade in arms, despite having not seen them for days. Biblios looked…twitchy, and even more ready for a fight than usual. That axe maybe, can you ever really trust these magical weapons? To Ellywick he boasted of a painting, one displaying her martial prowess that was now front and center at his newly opened shop in Phandalin. The monk nodded with approval, and returned to her mediation. Finley received a wink, and he slipped her a folded sketch for her birthday, along with the 30 gold she needed for the elephant. The gnome seemed to appreciate the gesture. Approaching Tim he enquired about any recent valuables they might have acquired on their travels. The warlock chuckled, shook his head, and rolled eldtricth fire through his fingers nonchalantly.

Silver beelined for Borgins office, and the uncharacteristically rushed report indicated he was quite rattled. The rogue insisted that the recent chatter of Baron Vermillion Ravensbrooke moving to control security forces in Neverwinter was dire news. Not only that but he feared his cousin might be behind the growing tension between Mithral Hall and Neverwinter. Borgin agreed, and moved through the correct channels to authorize a scouting party to investigate. Nobles, dwarves, and not to mention Luskanites, created a minefield that would need to be navigated carefully. The party agreed to Borgins job once he added coin, then began preparing for travel once again.

Dwarves and danger in Duskfalls

It would be a weeks travel to the smuggler town of Duskfalls. SIlver informed the party of a letter he had received from his mother, one which had a undertone of danger. The town of charlatans, where the half-elf spent much of his youth, was the perfect location to get a take on the regions troubles. But one needed to have eyes in the back of their head at all times. Finley just laughed, and toyed with the leopard belt before exclaiming she was broke anyways. Biblios clutched his axe tighter and let out a low growl. Yeah, they would be just fine the rogue thought, and listened to the many stories of the previous adventures he had missed. The camp fire crackling in the background, as inky night gave way to dawning daylight.

While a relatively trouble free journey, they did hit upon a Luskanite outpost. One Finley informed them was not there as she traveled that way before. Housing a handful of guards, one a hulking man in heavy armor who eyed Biblios with menacing intent. While a lithe female in an ornate but scarred mask appeared to be in charge. With a nod Ellywick vanished, stealthy circling the back before quietly scaling the guard tower. The monks growing control of the shadows was impressive. A guard picked his nose, and lazily drew his cross bow, unaware he was a short step away from gnome fueled death.

Before violence could erupt, the party tried a more deceptive yet passive approach. Proclaiming Tim to be a Luskanite noble, traveling with his entourage. The ruse stretched thin, and it was obvious the female with the scarred mask was not buying any of it. Yet she let the group pass, maybe preferring to avoid blood shed herself. But down the road the group noticed that the guard towers signal smoke had changed color. Danger it seems had only been delayed, not avoided.

Finally they arrived in Duskfalls, a rag tag town constructed out of stilted buildings and bridges, sitting along side the water. Filled with shady types who made a living on the wrong side of the law, the party kept their wits about them as they entered. The rogue led them to his old home, where he looked forward to seeing his mother, Enna Moonrunner. Who greeted them cheerfully, but showed a nervy edge that her two male friends also shared. Brief pleasantries gave way to the matter at hand, as she sketched out the troubling situation she found herself in. A rare dwarven artifact had been found by a local skimmer, Benson, who just happened to be a dwarf enthusiast. He was missing, and Enna feared that maybe the Ravensbrook Judges had gotten to him. The artifact in question was a believed to be from a Rune Master, who was no where to be seen.

Looking for further clues on the matter, the party searched Benson’s house, which was filled with various dwarf knick-knacks. Among the clutter they found a beer stained sliver of parchment that appeared to be some kind of coded dwarf communication. After a bit of head scratching the puzzle was finally solved, and its grim message brought to light. The dwarf had made a desperate escape from Ravensbrook, with Judges disguised as orcs in pursuit. He was either dead, taken prisoner again, or had managed to escape.

Catch me if you can

Before they could ponder the next move, an arrow fizzed through the air and struck one of Ennas male comrades. His eyes rolled back into his head as his form slumped to the floor. The hooded intruder had somehow evaded detection by Finley and Biblios standing guard outside. In one swift movement he turned and bolted, eager to escape the scene. Ellywick and Silver leapt out the window, while Tim ushered Biblios and Finley into the chase. It would be a desperate pursuit through the ramshackle streets, their foe showing great speed and dexterity versus raw determination.

Silver gave a nod to Ellywick then boosted the nimble gnome upto roof level. She grinned wildly, her feet already a blur of movement as roof tiles flung off in her wake. The rogue knew these streets, and the bottle neck the murderer was heading for, so vanished in another direction to his friends. There would be a heading off at the pass no doubt. Tim and Biblios kept at ground level, but were completely taken by surprise as the runner panicked a horse into a stampede on the busy streets. The dragonborn bore the full brunt of the animal as it floored him, along with pushing Tim into a desperate dodge. Enough to slow both of them down, but only their pride damged. Finley played a very tactical approach, opting to stay back should other foe have friends spring a trap.

The chase heavily disrupted the daily routines of the market square. Biblios unleashing a blood curdling roar to send the locals scampering. Silver rejoined the chase as the runner approached the bridge, getting a few fruitless swipes and a failed grab. Cursing his choice of silk gloves this day. The cloaked stranger looked to further distract them by swiping at a beggar, sending the poor soul splashing into the river. At the rear Finley halted, and opted to rescue the man from a watery grave. The rest kept up the chase, as finally Ellywick looked to press an advantage. Bringing the man to a crunching halt with a stunning and impressive strike. Biblios quickly restrained thim, barely holding back the urge to tear him in half. The rest caught their breath and began to circle him for questioning. But his master had other ideas…

The man gave a desperate plea insisting he could still serve, before an intense heat engulfed him as a fiery circle formed in the messy wake. A barbed devil slinked from it’s fiery plane, hissing a vile challenge. Finally Biblios roared, and drew his hungering berserker axe, while the others hastily prepared spells, or in Silvers case back flipped behind a handily placed box. Tim looked to be preparing some vastly powerful incantation that would no doubt consume the horror in one blast. But instead he blinked from existence with a knowing cackle. While Finley drew upon her deception spell set, looking to confuse her foe.

The creature faced the dragonborn onslaught, Biblios proclaiming that he wanted it’s skin in between punishing blows from his axe. Ellywick peppered the fiend with a several blistering attacks, inciting the devil to hiss at her. A lone bolt pinged off the creature, followed by muffled elvish swearing. Then Tim reappeared from a sudden tear in reality, blinking back into existence just in time to fire off an eldritch blast. The beast looked to be faltering, and failed to stop the raging dragonborn from tearing off one of its arm spikes. Biblios looked extremely pleased, until his grin faded as the body part disintegrated to ash. With a final otherworldly howl the devil was bested. Its form folding in horribly before crumbling into smokey ash carried off by the wind. Again Biblios stressed how much he wanted the skin, ignoring a troubled look from Ellywick.

Parental guidance advised

Retuning back to Ennas house they were horrified to find the home had been ransacked. The remaining comrade of Silvers mother lay in a pool of his own blood. Of Enna there was no sign. Just a message from the Judges stating she was theirs now. Silver burned with rage and hastily rushed back out side to look for signs of the kidnappers. A firm gloved hand gripped his shoulder and turned him round. The rogues eyes narrowed with his dark mood as he demanded the identity of the man. An eye patch covered one eye, and white hair framed a grizzled face. The man was also missing an arm, but was anything but a cripple. An ornate and dangerous looking rapier hung from his belt.

“I’m your Father” The man proclaimed.

Silvers mind exploded with a thousand questions as his eyes widened. Seeing features of his own in the mans face, he knew the declaration to be true. It was indeed Dorn Ravensbrooke, dishonored noble of the house and presumed dead. Now standing very much alive in front of his son. A scattering of cloaked figures were with him, the rogue instantly recognizing the ranger Nailo Nightbreeze. The very individual who had informed him of his Fathers death. There would be words for him too.

Dorn explained that now was not the time for the many questions he knew his son had. Together they would need to rescue Enna and take on the might of the Red baron, Vermillion. Beginning with locating Ennas secret stash room, which required the considerable strength of Biblios on the door. Inside there was a variety of supplies, along with tools and a few prized valuables. Dorn tossed a speaking stone to Ellywick, and a second to Silver. Finally the father handed the son a neatly folded garment, which Silver opened to reveal a majestically crafted cloak. This cloak made by his mothers elven hand, and was no ordinary cloak. As he pulled it around his shoulders it blurred his outline, with colors shifting to match the surroundings. This was Ennas surprise for him that she hinted at in the letter, and a deep link to his elven heritage. But his human side was staring at him with intent.

“There is much to do, let us see what you are capable of.”


Nice! You really get a sense of Silver being pulled in two different directions by his parentage.

One small clarification— it was the Judges who were disguised as orcs, not the Runemaster. They knew they would have to check Tannan for him, and the village is under the aegis of Mithral Hall, so they disguised themselves as orcs before ransacking the place. The party saw the judge try to cast disguise self during the chase, but since you were close to him at that point, it didn’t work.

Oh, and Alex was just joking about the Wish scroll… If Glim had managed to get one at this point in the game, it would likely mean that he had sold his soul to an arch fiend or something.

Ravensbrook Runs Red

Yes for sure. That is one of the intriguing aspects of playing a half breed, they walk in two worlds but don’t truly belong to either.

Good call, I missed that and have edited that section. And as for Glim and his wish scroll, well that has gone too. The trickster…

Ravensbrook Runs Red

Dont kid him Geoff. That Wish scroll is in Glims back pocket

Ravensbrook Runs Red
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