The Dragon Arrows

The Legend of Boris Henry

Adventurers: Biblios, Ellywick, Finley, Silver, Tim

The water was livelier now, and even the wildlife seemed to have returned in greater numbers to this part of West Leilon. Boris Henry hummed a sea shanty as he finished up the last of the repairs to the fishing boat, stopping occasionally to puff his pipe. Another fine days fishing. Life was good again, in fact it was better than good.

A few of the locals from the town made their regular stop to pick up Boris. A gangly scrap merchant, a slightly over weight farmer, and his wife, sat atop a rickety cart pulled by a wheezing mule. Boris heard their cart arrive and put down his hammer, it was time to unwind for the night. He bid them a welcoming smile, and climbed aboard.

“Them repairs not done yet Boris?” quipped the scrap merchant, who went by the name Nails.

“Too busy, fish to catch. Besides, its there bouts done.” Nails nodded. He had supplied Boris with the majority of the scrap material required to finish his boat. In fact many of the towns folk now looked up to Boris, who had not only faced death in the face but came out the other side to make a profit.

“Ere’ Boris, the good lady hasn’t heard the whole tale yet, been too busy with those carrots” The farmer said as he nodded to his wife, who looked at Boris with a slightly yearning gleam in her eye. “Yes me dears, i’ve only heard what Arry told me, and he always forgets the best bits!”

“Oh, you don’t want to hear it all again do you?” Boris said with no real conviction. The group nodded with wide grins. He brushed his beard and looked off into the distance as he began the story

“Well, I was about to set sail by miself. Tackle the pickle once and for all, and claim back our waters. Then out of the blue came the oddest folks i’ve seen in all me days. One of them pointy eared blokes, a devil in a mask, not one but two small folk, and a bleedin man-dragon. Twas the strangest thing, but they pleaded to help me. I couldn’t say no like, I have to help people out, and they looked capable deck hands.

We set sail to where this foolery started. Lookin for old Reggie, Grotto, and One Eyed Willy, maybe they was still kickin like. Maybe they hadn’t got them selves eaten. Then it got real spooky like. And all of a sudden, giant man frogs! Hundreds of them! Jumped on me bleedin boat and made a right mess. Of course I grabbed old faithful and gave em what for. The weird folk gave a hand too mind, tackling the lil nippers while I brawled the big bastards."

The farmers wife, Ethel, pulled her shawl tighter and edged towards Boris. Ignoring her husbands cutting glance. The cart and the story rumbled on.

“So anyways, I fought off half a dozen, the man-dragon gave em wot for as well with that big choppa of his. But them devil frogs had a dabbler in the mix ya know. " Boris pulled a face and wiggled his fingers. " The blighter sat atop a bleedin massive frog, the size of a house! Could swallow ya whole it could!

It was trickery, and the effin frog went and ate me up like a summer plum. It smelt like old Nails here after a days work, and was as dark as the abyss. I rolled around in its belly, and must have blacked out. Felt like days. Weeks.

When I came to the bleeders had me tied up. Must have been magical rope, as usually I can break out that stuff. I know me knots. " Boris flexed his bicep, and Ethel swooned slightly, almost reaching for a squeeze. "But i had a plan see, I just needed a distraction. So it was good I let them weirdoes tag along. They appeared just as i was about to make me move. One of lil folk disguised herself as a frog, ha ha, cheeky that, but day work. The blighters saw through it.

Well them frogs were upto no good. They had been feedin old Reggie, Grotto, and One Eyed Willy to an effin snake. One made of bones! For the life of me never seen anything like it in all me days. I had to dig deep and man upto it. So i burst me ropes with a roar!" Ethel wide eyed an in awe gasped slightly. " I know, how do you punch a bone snake?. Well them odd folks had some dabblers too. That creepy one in the mask, and the lil one with bag pipes. Oh and the pointy eared fella had a stick of stars. The man dragon was there too, and the zippy lil un. That seemed to do the trick and gave me the opportunity to punch the giant snake clean out. " Boris doing his best slow motion uppercut motion.

“Went down it did. Just like that. Sweating bullets I was, but alive! The other froggies we rounded up and gave em wot for. Told em to stay clean away or else they’d see old Boris again. Shame about the lads, not a good way to go, eaten like, but worked out for me I guess. More fish for me ay! and that was that. " He beamed and took a deep puff on his pipe.

“You said the frog was pink last time Boris. " Nails pointed out. “Oh yeah, well, it was a few colors see. Did I mention that?”

The cart pulled up to the tavern, where laughter and music flowed out the doors. A man in armor walked out and gave them a shifty sideways glance. Followed by a tall companion with an eerie air about him.

“Them again. That Weirdgraff fella bin lookin for loony Roland? He’s long gone by now. in a puff of smoke i’d wager. He’s a dabbler.”Again Boris motioned his fingers. Then they all got out the cart, Boris offering Ethel a weathered hand of assistance. Before they headed into the welcoming glow of the establishment.

Weigraf Volm of the Les Cartes strolled away from the tavern. No one noticed the lone figure on the rooftop. The faintest glint of a mask in the pale moonlight. Watching….waiting.


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