The Dragon Arrows

The Tower of Gargoyles

June 9, 3375

Adventurers – Biblios (Barbarian), Ellywick (Monk), Silver (Rogue), Tim (Warlock)
Hirelings – Dr Crow

On the Trail

Having settled into the big city life of Neverwinter, the party soon needed to replenish their dwindling finances. Squandered on the enticing activities of the cities nightlife no doubt. They needed a job. One that paid out big.

The Brass lantern was always in need of willing souls eager to risk life and limb for sparkling treasures in the dark. Borgin also knew he needed to keep his adventurers skills sharp, for who knew what dangers lay ahead in these troubling times. So with the promises of 500 gold, he briefed them on a matter he needed a hand with.

With master wizard Glim dealing with his own business in the City, the party welcomed the mysterious yet enthusiastic Dr. Crow into their midst. And his expertise was definitely needed, as a previous job developed. Turns out the Brass Lantern finally had a lead on the grisly murders caused by the Gargoyles plaguing the docks. The clues lead to a tower near the Merchant district, so the group was tasked with investigating (and no doubt pocketing what ever loot they found).

Into the Tower

Under the cover of a cloudy night, the group kept to rooftops as they approached the tower quietly. The impressive structure loomed overhead and presented them with two clear ways in, neither easy. Opting for a dextrous approach, the group nimbly began to climb the towers walls, Biblios grumbling slightly as he carried the good doctor on his back. Swiftly they reached the top, thankfully without anyone breaking their neck or pride.

Entry into the actual tower interior was unnervingly easy. Either someone didn’t believe in security, or they didn’t think anyone crazy enough to enter. Silver had heard parts of a conversation from a tavern below as they traveled the roof tops. An Elf by the name of Haedirn was linked to the tower. But there was no sign of anyone as they delved deeper into the upper levels. Which showed signs of being the home of a wizard, an alchemist, or both. SIlver noted Glim would find this place of much interest, and indeed the rogue appreciated the owners taste for art and antiques.

Eyes were upon the party though, their home invasion was not unnoticed. Movement detected, and a strange small man of clay shrieked! Before questions could be asked the animated figure was obliterated, a strange colored symbol was noted. What did it mean? The adventurers moved on, Biblios delighted to discover a vintage cask of fine elven wine. The dragborn taking huge gulps with a toothy grin.

Exploring carefully, they encountered what seemed to be a room of antiques. Old ceremonial weapons, of little value in a fight but maybe worth some coin, stood proudly on walls. A fine shield proved too much of a temptation for the dragonborn, who reached out a grabbed it with both hands. Only to met with electrifying consequences of a magical trap. As smoke and sparks flicked around Biblios, Ellywick directed a few harsh words at her carless friend. Tim laughed, his infernal cackle sounding even more menacing behind his ever present mask. Dr Crow advised more caution, it was after all the lair of a magic user.

Crow was a mystery himself, covered fully by a waxy leather outfit, and pointed medical mask. Two blank eyepieces showed no emotion, but no doubt a calculated and brilliant mind sat behind them. The ever mistrusting rogue probed him with the odd seemingly innocent question. To which the doctor answered intelligently and with gusto. Dr Crow was seemingly enjoying himself, he had also gifted the group several specialist vials of acid. A brew that was deadly to denizens brought to life by magical means.

Time to Dine

The home of Haedirn was indeed impressive, and the party continued to stealthily explore its layout. Until they came upon a magically bared door, that bore similar symbols to the one the little clay man had. Tims magical knowledge drew a blank, so they would have to search further for the remaining. Silver muttered under his breath, hoping that Glim was having a grand old time off while his skills were clearly needed here. His thoughts disrupted by the sound of Biblios belching after another swig of wine.

Was this really the home of a murderer? Or were the adventurers just trespassing in a hermits home who desired simple privacy, and for his wine collection to remain in tact. The house answered them, as they found the dining room with its malicious inhabitants. The quiet of the tower was dismissed, as the shrieks of gargoyles and scarecrows shuck the adventurers into combat. The animated creatures rushed into the fray, and were met by sword and spell. Tim unleashed fiery arcane blasts that incinerated the scarecrows, while Ellywick and Biblios carved into the gargoyles with keen blades. Dr Crow and Silver kept range, picking off the vulnerable with thrown vials and crossbow bolts. In the blink of an eye the confrontation was over, the creatures returned to their natural stillness. A second clay man was also in the mix, taken out by a swift bolt to its tiny face. Another step to opening the magical door.

Unexpectedly, they came across a thief. Busy helping himself to the towers riches as well. The slippery fellow had an accent, and used his guile to keep the encounter brief. The party had bigger fish to fry, and hopefully the thief hadn’t taken anything vital to their quest. Silver made note to enquire about this charismatic character with his contacts.

As they explored more rooms they came upon a curious one with tapestries and statues. While at first glance simply another room of art, it was maybe hiding something. The adventurers looked for clues, and noted that the tapestries were in a pattern. Maybe if the statues followed the same pattern it would unlock some wondrous secret, or maybe Biblios would get electrocuted. Either way, entertainment was sure to follow. As the puzzle was solved, a hidden stash of loot greeted wide eyes and smiles. This was turning into a most profitable excursion. To which they also added some random bag that could seemingly hide anything… how curios.

Silver discovered a hidden stash behind a painting of a beautiful elven woman, in it a few choice trinkets and tragic tear soaked love letters. Clearly something awful had happened to Haedirns love. But enough to drive him to murder?

Adjacent to the tapestry room however, a grisly discovery was made. A bloodied mess of body parts littered the space. Upon further inspection, they all appeared to be female, and were indeed the remains those brutally murdered at the docks. The Elf, obviously mad, and possessed by some dark plan for his lost love.

A Cosy Desk Job

With a renewed sense of purpose they continued on in search of the last clay man, so that the magical door could finally be unlocked. Behind which they presumed Haedirn was scheming. So it was they came upon the library, in which the clay man was slinking. Another crossbow bolt ended the animations existence, and with its demise the final lock on the door must be gone. But before confronting the demented wizard, they opted to pillage the library and fill their pockets even more.

But in a house flowing with magic, one can never assume a room is truly empty. The rogue was the first to discover the desk was no ordinary desk, as it mauled him in a vicious surprise attack. The encounter was uncomfortably long for the groups pride, but in a shower of splinters the mimic desk was defeated. Not one for the rogues memoirs.

Before heading to the magical door once again, Dr Crow had a curious proposition for Biblios. requesting one of the Dragonborns scales, he offered the chance to increases the warriors skills even further. Biblios agreed, then downed the bubbling brew, and amazingly began to grow…and grow. His colleagues looked up to his dramatic and awesome form with mouths open. “I like” Biblios grinned. Silver raised an eyebrow at the doctor, who was become rather useful indeed.

Love Hurts

WIth a giant Dragonborn at the front, the group strode confidently to the magic door. Eager to end the wizard and claim the coin. Oh and bring justice for his evil deeds. But mostly the coin. The stealthy Ellywick and SIlver took point as they entered the wizards most private quarters.

Haedirn didn’t notice them. Silver noted the Elf looked rough, and obviously hadn’t rested in any way for quite a while. Haedirn was preoccupied with a large mechanism dominating the center of the room. He busied himself tending to its arcane wishes with wild fever in his eyes. The contraption was embracing a woman, who a long time ago was maybe beautiful. Now she lay still, covered in surgical scars where she had been constructed from those poor victims. Her wedding dress swept around her with ghostly gusts.

Silver caught in the moment of the scene, contemplated the sadness of it all, two lovers dealt a cruel hand and pushed to depravity. The rogue sighted his crossbow from the deep shadows at the edges of the room. He gave a nod to his comrades, took a breath, and pulled the trigger. There was a brief snikt, as Haedirns story reached it’s tragic end. Yet in the dying moments, he transferred all his power to his love, completing what ever plan he had. The air hummed with raw power, lightning and magical bolts fizzed around the woman Lyonthel. There was a brief moment of silence, then she opened her eyes wide and screamed a bone chilling scream that clawed at the soul.

The party opened fire, while Biblios in his mega-Biblios form, bounded forward with shuddering strides. Yelling a battle cry in his native draconian. Lyonthel looked own at the crumpled shape of her dead lover. A tear would have formed, but water was long gone from her. Instead she channeled the magical energy flowing in her and smashed into Biblios. The two grappled as chunks of the room began to dislodge and shake. Tim drew deep and unleashed his most potent powers, while Ellywick darted and stabbed where she could. Dr crow took out more bubbling vials and supported the encounter with science. It was a long and bloody encounter, and despite his enhanced strength, the Dragonborn could not slay the enraged bride by himself. Punishing blows were exchanged by all, Lyonthel proving incredibly resilient but still out numbered.

Silver reached into a pocket and drew the wand he so hated using. But the weapon was potent, and the rogue knew this fight could end one of his friends, such was the threat. As Lyonthel battled his friends he saw the briefest of windows and unleashed the wands (almost) full power. A hail of magical missiles whizzed through the air and ravaged the rampaging bride. Halting her mid swing, she glared at Silver with shock and hatred. Then fell to the cold stone with a thump, magical energy discharging itself and leaving her for the last time. It was done.

The Tower exist was not easy, as the group, tired and battered, fended off yet more animated fiends. A carpet almost suffocating Ellywick, and fanatical suits of armor troubling Tim. But the adventurers finally made it out the tower, pockets bursting with loot. A successful burglary. I mean, justice has been served.

They returned to Neverwinter and the jingling sound of payment. Along with a lesson in life and love.


Thanks for the write up!

The Tower of Gargoyles

Excellent job! Glad to see Glim so missed. ;)

The Tower of Gargoyles

Cheers, it’s a bit raw as I had to cram in two sessions. Plus the details were starting to fade from memory a bit. But hopefully captured the spirit of the adventure. Apologies for the grammar too.

Glim would’ve had a blast, but the session schedule can be a fickle beast. So hopefully he can go back and explore at some point.

The Tower of Gargoyles
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