Dr. Crow

Self-appointed official alchemist and physician to the Brass Lantern Guild


Covered head to toe in waxed linen clothes, leather gloves, and his bird-like plague doctor mask; no one has managed to catch a glimpse of Dr. Crow’s exposed flesh in his entire tenure with the Brass Lantern Company. The doctor cuts an unassuming physical profile, standing slightly under average height for a human male, though his build would be within the range of possibility for any of the elven or half human populations.

His long overcoat conceals a veritable moving alchemy lab of vials, solvents, and other materials, allowing the creation of potions and explosives in the field.

Special Abilities
Alchemy: Able to spend spell slots to create short term potions/oils:
First Level Slots: Healing, Growth, Climbing
Second Level Slots: Greater Healing, Magic Weapon
Medicine: Dr. Crow has access to the Healer feat

Submission to one of Dr. Crow’s experimental formulas Warning! Side effects may be debilitating! or investigations into medical or scientific curiosities.


Dr. Zakariah Erasmus Crow arrived in Neverwinter barely two years ago, and in that time has forged an amicable partnership with the Brass Lantern mercenary company. The Brass Lanterns provide security for his small clinic— protecting his valuable medicines from thieves and guarding against intellectual theft from Dr. Crow’s research peers (though to date, no such incidents have occurred, Crow insists that the danger is ever present). In return, the doctor has treated many life threatening injuries and illnesses inevitably sustained by the men-at-arms. His many eccentricities are tolerated due to his undeniable skill in medicine and arcane healing.

On rare occasions, the Brass Lanterns have requested his aid in the field, often when specialized knowledge on medical or alchemical matters are required. Dr. Crow has proven to be a useful ally in many investigations— even behind his smoked glass lenses, few details escape his notice, and his keen mind can process information quickly. Some of the finer points of human interaction, however, seem to evade his understanding. Or perhaps his interest.

Dr. Crow

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