Infantry 8


Seven feet of imposing metal plating, the war construct stands taller and broader than a human male. Magic runes in the ancient Netherese script are inscribed at what appear to denote ley lines or chakra points on its armored form. An articulated skeleton of wood and fiber is visible between the armored joints, casting doubt as to whether this magical marvel could be more properly considered a living being or an extremely sophisticated golem.

Special abilities:
Construct: Immune to disease, does not require food or air.
Shield Wall: Allies within 5 feet of Infantry 8 receive +1 bonus to AC.

Netherese artifacts or investigations into sites associated with warforged.


Tales of Netheril at its height often mention armies of metal men who represented the military might of the empire. Contemporary scholarly opinion in the academic centers of Waterdeep and Neverwinter is that these fanciful tales were misinterpretations of heavily armored Netherese soldiers. It is thought that the barbaric tribes of men who raided on the borders of the empire had no understanding of full plate, and heavy infantry so equipped would have been believed to be literal men of steel in the tribesmen’s oral traditions.

A discovery deep within the forgotten Wave Echo Cave proves that the old tales held more truth than anyone thought possible.

Unit Designation Infantry 8 has spent the last five centuries trapped in rubble following the destruction of the Phandelver Pact. He recalls being brought to Wave Echo Cave by desert dwelling nomads; but his whereabouts in the millennia since the fall of Netheril, and how he survived the cataclysm which destroyed the empire, are unknown.

Infantry 8

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