Meelo of Mosshollow

The young protector of Mosshollow


Meelo is a young bullywug who swore the Oath of the Ancients to protect his people. Clad in mystic green armor and astride his trusty riding frog, he defends his home village and seeks out other enclaves of bullywugs within the Mere of Dead Men.


While under the sway of the evil shaman Vaatu, the Mosshollow bullywug tribe was driven to abduct and sacrifice fishermen from nearby Leilon. Meelo had been prophesied to attain great power, and being groomed to inherit the role of shaman. On the day of his adulthood ceremony, the Brass Lanterns stopped him from ritually murdering Boris Henry, and freed Mosshollow from Vaatu.

However, Mosshollow was left with few defenses, and Meelo grew frustrated at their his inability to protect the village’s food supplies from the giant crocodiles that roam the swamp. When the village’s benefactor was revealed to be Finley, one of the party responsible for the current state of affairs, Meelo ventured to the forbidden tower, where Vaatu had attained his dark powers. The party followed him to the tower, and appealed to the goodness within him to reject the dark bargain being offered by the slaad residing within its depths. Instead Meelo was moved to devote himself to the oath of the paladin who once resided there, and become a champion of good.

Meelo of Mosshollow

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