Campaign Guide

The Dragon Arrows campaign is designed to accommodate a fluid party and game schedule. Players coordinate games on their own initiative, designating a set time between 3-5 players and the GM. Players may attempt to arrange a regularly scheduled game, or schedule each adventure independently as personal responsibilities permit. There is no set party and characters may find themselves adventuring with different groups depending on who is available for games.

The world is a sandbox adventure. Exploration is a significant component of the game as characters discover the features around them. The world exists in its current state independently of the characters—some encounters may be too dangerous when first encountered and will not be scaled to party level. Events may occur without any player involvement. Generally, the danger increases the further away from safe areas the players travel.

New characters start at level 3 with 900 experience. Use standard equipping rules from class and background from the PHB. Races from the PHB may be used normally, discuss race options from the Eberron or Elemental Evil supplements with the GM. Players may create as many characters as they wish, but can only play one during any session.

Each session is normally self-contained. Characters are returned to the nearest safe location at the end of a session, paying 1GP/character level per day required to return. If prior arrangements can be made, a group may stay in the field and continue in a second session as long as the same players return in the next session. If another game is played with different characters before the group can meet again, their characters will be returned to civilization as normal.

The Notice Board lists available requests and opportunities. These will be typically have clear objectives and rewards, and represent more formal contracts. The Rumors page will have vague hints that may not actually lead anywhere. Players may also add rumors to the Rumors page to suggest things they would like to see or encounter in the campaign.

Downtime and Lifestyle expenses will be tracked for characters between adventures. Downtime will give characters the opportunity to craft items, conduct research, carouse around town, practice a profession, etc. Expenses and earnings will usually be accounted for at the beginning of a session.

Inspiration may be shared between characters. Not only can characters use inspiration to gain advantage or cancel disadvantage on a roll, they may use it to reroll an attack, save, or ability check after the roll has been seen. Inspiration should ideally be earned and spent at least once per session by each character, but I tend to forget to award it. Don’t be shy about asking if you feel you or another player has earned it.

The Adventure Log will be written by players. This is where players are encouraged to boast of their accomplishments and bravery. Whether players reveal all information or keep some secrets to themselves is up to them. Other players from the session may write their own adventure summary if they wish. A little good natured player competition is healthy in a sandbox game, and inspires players to be bold and pursue ever greater glories.

If anyone is interested in trying their hand at GMing for a one-off session or short arc, let me know. I have many resources that I can share for anyone who wants to get started. I would like to remain the GM for the primary plot, but it’s a big sandbox and there is room for everyone’s stories.

Campaign Guide

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