Springtide 13, 3375
Adventurers of the Brass Lantern hired to deliver mining supplies to Phandalin uncover a plot by the drow mage known as Nezznar the Black Spider to seize control of the newly recovered Wave Echo Cave and its magical forge.

Springswane 2, 3375
The Black Spider and his minions are slain, his recovered journal reveals his ultimate plans to raise one of the mythic Dragon Arrows, the source of the rend in The Weave that powered the magical forge. A warforged designated Infantry 8 is recovered from the ruins.

Springswane 9-13, 3375
The boom in Phandalin after the reopening of the mine draws adventurers and settlers looking for new opportunities. 3 new arrivals complete a contract to eliminate an orc war band seen in the vicinity.

Springswane 16-18, 3375
A silver raven statuette is stolen from Lord Martin Barrister’s estate during a party. Later that night, additional valuables were ransacked, with several guards and serving staff injured. Roland the stable hand was arrested for being complicit in the crime.

Springswane 19, 3375
Wave Echo Cave is attacked by a force of drow bearing a symbol of a seven-pointed star. While the heroes of Phandalin fight their way to the forge, they are too late to prevent the Illithid mastermind of the attack from raising the Dragon Arrow into orbit.

Springswane 22-26, 3375
Investigating reports of strange lights near a Netherese ruin, three bounty hunters defeat and arrest a necromancer from Thay who had been excavating the ancient way station. With the tower and its water pumps secured, caravans from the East began to arrive in Phandalin.

Springswane 29- Summersrise 2, 3375
Sildar Hallwinter hires adventurers in Phandalin to locate and safely return Lilya Haldenfrond, missing daughter and heir of the wealthy merchant Guildain Haldenfrond. The adventurers discover her travelling party had been ambushed by a gang of kenku in the Neverwinter wood, whom they swiftly defeated, returning the young woman to safety.

Summersrise 4-7, 3375
The members of the Brass Lantern and their new companions return to headquarters in Neverwinter to inform the guild of the happenings in Phandalin. Upon arrival, the adventurers become entangled in an investigation of bloody murders near the docks and poor areas. They discover that the murders were committed by animated gargoyles, and destroy one of the stone monsters.

Summersrise 10-11, 3375
With the aid of the alchemist Dr. Crow, the party tracked the gargoyles to a specific city district, where they found the tower of an elven wizard who was animating objects to collect his grisly materials. In the tower basement, he attempted to construct a flesh golem of his deceased mate using body parts harvested from the local populace, but the monstrosity he constructed was a cruel imitation of life. In the end, the wizard and his creations were destroyed, and the people of Neverwinter were saved from further horror.

Summersrise 15-20, 3375
Investigating reports of an unnatural silence in the Kryptgarden Forest, the adventurers travel to Camp Gare, where the hunters had been attacked by a vicious devil bear. Battling fey displacer beasts, the party is saved by the devil bear who turns out to be a werebear named Ebor. After his wife, the druid Telendil had been murdered by the hunters, Ebor is losing the battle to keep the forest safe from a coven of hags. Ebor enlists the party’s help in enacting revenge upon the hunters, and sends his son Sheridan with them to learn the ways of the outside world.

Summersrise 23-29, 3375
Investigating the disappearances of fishermen from the village of West Leilon, the party accompanies a ship captained by Boris Henry as it sets out towards the Mere of Dead Men. The ship is attacked by bullywugs, and Henry is swallowed whole and taken to Mosshollow, deep within the swamp. The party mounts a swift rescue, destroying the wicked bullywug shaman and bone naga that had been leading the bullywug tribe towards evil.

Summertide 2, 3375
The Brass Lanterns infiltrate a full moon revel hosted by wine merchant Oskar Oaken, who is believed to be the center of a Neverwintan cult. Their suspicions are proven correct when Oaken unleashed horrible formless monstrosities that begin to consume and assimilate the assembled guests. The heroes managed to defeat Oaken, but not before Lilya Haldenfrond had been devoured by the aberrations. As dawn broke, the city was in turmoil as similar creatures had been unleashed throughout the merchant district. But the devastation in Neverwinter was as nothing compared to the fate of Waterdeep, as the orbiting Dragon Arrow streaked across the sky and annihilated the greatest city on the Sword Coast. Oaken was interrogated, but his insane ramblings yielded little besides a name for their adversary: The New Abolethic Sovereignty.

Summertide 9-17, 3375
Upon learning the location of the Silver Tongue of Findizzle Wampus, the party travels to Laugher’s Gorge where a temple to the gnomish saint had been corrupted by gnolls bearing a contagious laughing disease. Upon dispatching the gnolls and rededicating the temple, the the party claims their prize.

Summertide 20-24, 3375
The party decides to investigate rumors of a secluded community where individuals of all races, including savage goblinoids, live in peaceful coexistence. Upon arriving in the town of Triboar, they encounter a peculiar brass dragonborn named James Peterson being threatened by The Eastern Legion. James leads the party to the village of Brotherhood, where their leader, a goblin named Father Cresson, preaches enlightenment and understanding through a reincarnation ritual using the petrified heart of a treant druid. The village is attacked by The Eastern Legion, forcing Father Cressen to perform the ascension on the Legion’s captain, Marius, who had been grievously maimed by his former slave, Biblios. Marius emerges as a mighty brass dragonborn, and beckons Biblios to meet him in the village of Hotahale.

Summertide 28 – Summerswane 4, 3375


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