Downtime Activities

Between adventures, characters will usually have 3+ days to fulfill the long rest requirement, during which they may allocate time towards downtime activities. Some downtime activities are listed below, but other options may be available upon discussion with the DM.

Working: Earn 2SP/day for unskilled labor, 1GP/day for skilled labor, 2GP/day for practicing a profession. Roll on lifestyle expenses table.

Crafting: Pay half cost of item in GP to craft at the rate of (5+proficiency+INT) per day. Roll on lifestyle expenses table.

Carousing: Maintain a Wealthy lifestyle, roll on carousing table.

Researching: (Unlocked by town improvement) Spend 3 days researching to discover information on a creature or quest element. Gain advantage on next Knowledge check.

Recuperating: Spend 3 days resting, end one effect preventing HP recovery, gain advantage on saving throws against one disease or poison currently affecting you.

Training: Learn a new language or set of tools. Spend 1GP/day on expenses, after 300 days, you learn the language or gain proficiency on the selected tool. Each point of Intelligence reduces the required time by 5 days.

Downtime Activities

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