Dragon Arrows

In the last moments of the Aboleth empire, the aberrations reached into the void between the stars and pulled forth shards of lethality to ravage their enemies in a final spiteful act.

3 meter long lances of adamantine ensorcelled with hatred and the unerring will to destroy streaked into the atmosphere, implacably drawn to hearts of dragonkind. These “Dragon Arrows”, as they were later known, slew any dragon they struck, and caused calamitous destruction on the planetary surface; sinking continents and raising mountains in their impacts.

The race of dragons was devastated, but a few managed to avoid or shield themselves from the deadly missiles, and the Firstborn survived. However, it later became apparent that some of the Dragon Arrows, so effective in their purpose to pierce and penetrate, had torn the veil that separates the physical world from The Weave, the metaphysical lattice of reality, and the source of terrestrial magic. Dragons in proximity to these rifts found their inherent magical affinity overwhelmed by the excessive aetheric currents, most commonly causing their elemental breath to consume themselves from the inside.

The land was poisoned to the dragons, who were forced to depart the continent of Faerun, and raise the Dragon Isles on the other side of the planet, far from the sites of their ancient battles in the Dawn War.

The existence of the Dragon Arrows, their origins, and the effect of the rifts are virtually unknown to the people of Toril. Even among dragonkind, only the most ancient or resourceful have any knowledge in these matters. It has been speculated that certain events in history can be attributed to dragonborn inquisitors dispatched to expunge records or research pertaining to the Dragon Arrows, but of course no official records exist of such expeditions.

Dragon Arrows are usually named for the dragon they killed or were intended for.

Known Dragon Arrows
Pando— Originally discovered in Wave Echo Cave where it had torn a rift in The Weave, around which was built the Forge of Spells. The Pando arrow was raised into orbit by an Illithid psionicist while a squadron of mentally dominated Drow attacked the mine. The dragon arrow was later used to devastate the city of Waterdeep, where it remains at the site of impact in the heart of the city— raging storms of magic from the newly torn rift in The Weave prevent its retrieval for the time being.

Dragon Arrows

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