Dragons are the only sentient race directly created by the Ka Ha’n, a fact that has historically been used to justify both stewardship and exploitation of the younger races since their emergence. Referring to themselves as the “Firstborn” or “Eldest”, dragons occupy a unique position among the inhabitants of Toril as beings of intermediary terrestrial and divine origin. Dragons possess incredible physical might, intellect, and inherent magical abilities; a dragon that has reached the apex of its power is one of the most fearsome entities on the planet.

In the aftermath of their conflict, the gods left much of the guidance of the nascent mortal races in the hands of the dragons. Draconic governance varied by individual, with some dragons nurturing populations as a benign patron, while others installed themselves as despotic tyrants. The race of elves, given the moniker “the fairest”, were particularly favored and prospered under draconic rule. It should be noted, however, that elf flesh was considered most delectable and was a prized sacrificial offering among certain rulers. Dragons were, and remain, extremely boastful of their victory during the Dawn War, and promote a narrative of themselves as the planet’s saviors at any opportunity.

The era of draconic rule lasted for an indeterminate length—dragons do not measure time by solar years, and attempts to calibrate draconic records to the Netherese calendar have so far proved futile. What is known is that some time in prehistory, the dragons abandoned the continent of Faerun to raise a sprawling kingdom of islands on the opposite side of the world. The majority of the species has remained on the Dragon Isles, and dragons encountered elsewhere are typically exiles or vagabonds.

Dragons have been known to produce offspring with mortal races, which was a more common occurrence when they lived in proximity. In modern times, such pairings are virtually unknown; but many bloodlines still possess latent draconic ancestry which can unpredictably manifest in certain individuals. The race of dragonborn was unknown prior to the raising of the Dragon Isles, and it is believed that the dragons created them there to act as a servitor populace.

The identities and titles of the Elder Dragons have discovered by the Brass Lantern and are listed below:

Nalu Severed Bonds Progenitor of the black dragonflight, slain during Dawn War
Soma Twirling Chant Progenitor of the blue dragonflight, status unknown
Pando Drinks the Sun Progenitor of the green dragonflight, survives
Hota Enkindler Progenitor of the red dragonflight, slain during Dawn War
Pau Oblivion Progenitor of the white dragonflight, slain during Dawn War
Iroh Molten Core Progenitor of the brass dragonflight, survives
Kai Crashing Wave Progenitor of the bronze dragonflight, slain during Dawn War
Lau Caustic Emissary Progenitor of the copper dragonflight, status unknown
Akua Radiant Dawn Progenitor of the gold dragonflight, survives
Mako Wind Cutter Progenitor of the silver dragonflight, status unknown


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