By far the majority of NPC’s encountered will be mere commoners, so even level 1 PC’s will be an exceptional individual. The world is populated by a staggering range of individuals, though, and careless PC’s may run afoul threats greater than they initially appear.

Character levels can be roughly thought of in the following tiers:
Levels 1-2: Newly trained. Meeting the minimum requirements to qualify for their profession.
Levels 3-4: Established practitioner. Competent and comfortable in their role.
Levels 5-6: Exceptional. Best among their peers and regarded as extremely qualified.
Levels 7-8: Extraordinary. World-class talents that come along once in a generation.
Levels 9-10: Legendary. Perhaps the best there ever was. Someone who will go down in world history.
Levels 11+: Mythic. Here characters transcend the limits of what is normally possible for mortals and become akin to the heroes of mythology.

What does this all mean? The world of the Dragon Arrows campaign is more of a gritty, sword-and-sorcery setting, rather than high fantasy. Most of the campaign’s populace will react as any ordinary real world human would to life threatening danger.

The rarity of high level spell casters also means that resurrection magic is accordingly legendary. No “Yawn, the king was assassinated last night. Let’s wake up the high priest to rez him.” When people die, they tend to stay dead. Changing that would be the focus of an epic-level adventure.

Does that mean you will never encounter people of higher levels? Of course not, this is a fantasy game, after all. Just realize that when you meet someone level 11+, they will be AMAZING. And when PC’s reach that level, you will be able to tell how far above the common folk you have risen, and how far removed you may be from normal humanity.


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