Neverwinter’s belligerent Northern rival, Luskan is a port city at the mouth of the River Mirar. While maintaining a facade of legitimacy, the city is rampant with corruption and frequented by pirates, smugglers, and other miscreants.

If not for the lucrative trade goods going to and from dwarven Mirabar, Luskan would likely be of little consequence. However, its position as the keystone of Northern trading and the formidable pirate flotillas at its disposal ensure Luskan remains an intractable thorn in Neverwinter’s side.

In Luskan, it is the height of fashion for the upper classes to wear full-face concealing masks. Rumors in Neverwinter attribute this fad to drow, tieflings, and even undead openly walking the streets beneath these elegant facades; but the fickle amusements of bored nobles are the more likely explanation.

Population: Approximately 15,000


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