Notice Board

The Notice Board is the Brass Lantern Company’s posting of available assignments.

Current Requests:

Illusory Comfort— Glim! I figured it out— Round up the most erratic, unpredictable maniacs you know and meet me at The Mask.— Lukas

The Cave— We have finally been able to glean some information from the insane ravings of Oskar Oaken. He has made repeated references to a small mining village in the Spine of the World Mountains, which is somehow related to his induction into the Abolethic Cult. However, travelling to the village will involve crossing Luskanite territory, as well as the ancestral hunting grounds of the White Elk tribe of goliaths.

The Queen of Lilies— Frederick Haldenfrond, brother of Lilya and son of Guildain Haldenfrond, has disappeared along with his adventuring party Mysterium Investigations hunting undead in the Border Princes. Bring them home safely, Guildain is a staunch supporter of the Brass Lantern, and has lost enough of his children.

Identity Crisis— The Vovovian Mafia has committed a brazen murder in the refugee camps during broad daylight. The victim has been revealed to be a drow— who most interestingly was not bearing the 7-pointed star. Find out what the mafia is plotting and put a stop to it.

Notice Board

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