The modern town of Phandalin is built on the site of an older settlement established to support the excavation and utilization of Wave Echo Cave. The old town was destroyed along with the mine when a powerful orc war host attacked the cave for its riches and magic treasures. Located in the Sword Coast region, the town is a few days’ journey South from Neverwinter, then East along the Triboar Trail.

People have resettled the area in the intervening years, with the rough frontier town serving as a base for prospectors plying the nearby hills for gold and gems, along with the occasional treasure hunter searching for the lost mine.

The town was formerly governed by the knightly House Tresendar, whose ruined manor lies atop a hill on the Northeast edge of town. The Tresendar line went extinct in 3324 when the last living heir, Ealric, fell in battle against orcs. Since that time, Phandalin has elected a Townmaster to serve as the head of local government. The position is currently filled by the merchant Harbin Wester.

Since the rescue of Gundren Rockseeker, word has traveled that the lost Mines of Phandelver have been discovered, spurring an influx of hopeful fortune-seekers. Phandalin now finds itself a rapidly growing boom town with a population expanding faster than its infrastructure can keep up. Temporary structures have sprung up around town, while the sound of building construction can be heard throughout the daylight hours.

The exploding population has some concerned for the safety of Phandalin, and Sildar Hallwinter has been elected Sheriff. The knight has called in associates from the Lords’ Alliance to provide guards from Neverwinter and Waterdeep to garrison the town.

Notable residents include:
Toblen Stonehill Innkeeper at Stonehill Inn; which he owns with his wife, Trilena, and son, Pip. Toblen has recently decorated the inn with salvaged bugbear armor and weapons and renamed the establishment The Bugbear’s Folly, much to the annoyance of most of the town.

Elmar Barthen Owns Barthen’s Provisions. Party was originally contracted to deliver Gundren Rockseeker’s supplies to his establishment.

Daran Edermath Retired swordsman of the Brass Lantern Company. Runs an orchard on the edge of town with his wife, Lucille. Particularly favors fellow half-elf Silver Moonrunner. Maimed by the nothic of Tresendar Manor while recovering the corpse of Thel Dendar.

Linene Greywind Manager of Lionshield Coster. Secretly sells a stock of weapons, but will not sell to those she finds untrustworthy. The party recovered a lost shipment for her.

Qelline Alderleaf Halfling farmer. Her son, Carp, has been in the employ of Glim the Magnificent and informed the party of a hidden entrance to the Redbrand hideout.

Sister Garaele Priestess of Tymora, goddess of luck, to whom she maintains a small shrine. Asked the party to recover information regarding a lost spell book for the Harpers. Lost a valuable diamond to Zahn in a game of chance. Rewarded the party with vials of Holy Water.

Harbin Wester Merchant from Neverwinter who was elected Townmaster.

Sildar Hallwinter

Iarno Albrek (Deceased) Wizard and agent of the Lord’s Alliance, Iarno had been dispatched to bring order to Phandalin, but instead attempted to seize the town with his gang of Redbrand ruffians, which he led under the alias Glasstaff. Slain by Glim the Magnificent beneath Tresendar Manor.

Halia Thornton A certified appraiser hailing from Waterdeep. Halia has had a Miner’s Exchange erected in Phandalin where valuable finds can be weighed, measured, and payed out. Construction was completed swiftly as Halia spared no expense hiring a large crew of professional builders.

Digna and Gralford Stoneshield A pair of dwarven twins who purchased the defunct town smithy and restored it to operation. Digna, the sister and elder of the two, specializes in forging weapons, while Gralford, the brother, handles the armor. The smithy employs a local apprentice named Dirk, who is fascinated with tales of high elven culture.

André René Miliner and Fine Clothier from Luskan.

Duncan Disorderly Obviously assumed name of the human proprietor of the new gambling den, Wheel of Fortune. Wagers can be made on games of cards, dice, or the authentic gnomish roulette wheel that lends the establishment its name.

Population: Approximately 120 (pre-boom), 800+ after discovery of Wave Echo Cave


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