The Barony of Ravensbrook traces its history to the year 3263, when Sterling Ravensbrooke was granted a vassalage for valor in the Border Princes campaign, after slaying the warlord Cyrak the Defiler in single combat. The newly appointed Baron selected as his fief a keep on the Western edge of the Border Princes that he had captured early in the campaign. From there, he aimed to extend the reach of Neverwintan law and bring order to the savage frontier. In modern times, Ravensbrook is known as the Jewel of the Border Princes, for it alone has stood unconquered for over a century in a region where political maps are redrawn with every passing season.

The current Baron, Vermillion Ravensbrooke, has been awarded numerous commendations from Neverwinter for his success in stabilizing the region. Many an orc or hobgoblin warband has been hunted down and destroyed by Ravenbrook’s elite order of warriors and spies, known as Judges. Due to the danger of the Border Princes, security is of utmost priority, with strict curfews in place, and the ownership of weapons tightly controlled. Magical ability is no exception to this rule, and its use within town by unlicensed practitioners is forbidden.

In the wake of the current crises facing the Sword Coast region, Baron Ravensbrooke has offered to coordinate Neverwinter’s city watch, citing his exemplary record of governing during times of heightened peril.

Geographically, the barony resides on the Southern Edge of the Lurkwood Forest, comprising of a fortified manor keep overlooking a modest village of approximately 400.


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