The Brass Lantern Company

The Brass Lantern Company is a small mercenary organization operating out of the city of Neverwinter. The company was founded 24 years ago when the residents of a destitute Beggar’s Nest neighborhood pleaded with Belegar Brasslantern, a retired soldier who had purchased a modest residence in the area, for protection from the depredations of local gangs. Belegar, along with the few kin and household retainers at his disposal, were able to maintain order within a few blocks of the Brasslantern residence, which would become the headquarters of the emerging security business. The protected area would be marked out by residents posting the Brass Lantern sigil—a yellow lantern in a black circle, signifying the company creed of being a light in the darkness against crime and lawlessness. As word of their deeds spread, the Brasslantern family was soon inundated with requests for security contracts, prompting the establishment of the formal mercenary unit.

In the intervening years, the company has grown to its current size of 68 active members. Membership is mostly composed of dwarves and humans, but recruits of any race are accepted, and all have been included at some point. While many such organizations (especially those founded by dwarves) tend to be doctrinally rigid to the military ideals of their founders, Belegar’s youthful travels and experiences with a group composed of multiple races has made him open to novel ideas, and the company hierarchy is strictly meritocratic. The Brass Lantern Company specializes in providing affordable security, particularly to developing areas, in the interest of promoting stability and order; leading to peace and prosperity.

The Brass Lantern Company sustained many casualties on the night of the full moon revel when abominations were unleashed at numerous locations in Neverwinter. However, recruitment has surged after their heroic defense of the city and civilian lives.

Sergeant Graves— Human officer, currently manages the Phandalin outpost.
Fargen— The long suffering dwarf desk clerk and dispatcher.
Magran— Captain of Neverwinter security patrol.
Acelle— Captain of arrest and apprehension unit.

The Brass Lantern Company

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