The Gods

The Unnumbered Multitude of the Ka Ha’n are the gods summoned by The Overgod Ao to enact the creation of the planet Toril. The vast number of gods are often collectively referred to as “The Thousand-and-One”, though most civilized inhabitants of Toril realize that this is a poetic expression and not intended to be taken literally. The actual number of gods, ranging from the powerful greater gods to lesser spirits probably reaches several million.

Despite popular belief, the gods will not die due to a lack of worshipers, though most have an interest in the physical world and delight in seeing their will enacted by their followers. However, it seems the gods can be destroyed by more conventional means, as demonstrated when Kane was slain by Asmodeus, or the smaller scale exorcisms of lesser spirits; though it is unknown if such acts are permanent.

The domains of the gods overlap freely, though the more powerful gods of their respective ideals will naturally attract more followers. For example, Bahamut is universally worshipped as the god of war by humans, elves, and dwarves. However, a dwarven warrior may worship Clangeddin Silverbeard, the god of war from the dwarven pantheon instead of, or in addition to, the worship of Bahamut.

The Greater Gods
Amaunator God of the Sun, Time, Cycles
Asmodeus God of Pride, Contracts, Slavery
Bahamut God of War (Tactics), Chivalry, Good Dragons
Chauntea Goddess of Agriculture, Hearth, Patron of Halflings
Corellon God of Art, Magecraft, Patron of Elves
Garl Glittergold God of Humor, Ingenuity, Patron of Gnomes
Gruumsh God of War (Slaughter), Pillaging, Patron of Orcs
Kane (Slain) God of Ambition, Apologist of Creation, Patron of Humanity
Kelemvor God of Death, Impartiality
Lolth Goddess of Spiders, Poison, Patron of Drow
Moradin God of Metals, Forge, Patron of Dwarves
Oghma God of Knowledge, Secrets, Ritual
Selune Goddess of the Moon, Tides, Good Lycanthropes
Shar Goddess of the Night, Darkness, Evil Lycanthropes
Silvanus God of Natures, Forests, Beasts
Sune Goddess of Love, Beauty,
Tiamat Goddess of Tyranny, Greed, Evil Dragons

The Gods

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