The New Abolethic Sovereignty

“Glory to the New Abolethic Sovereignty!” — Oskar Oaken

Seemingly the architects behind the attack on Wave Echo Cave, the destruction of Waterdeep, and the attempted harvesting of Neverwinter’s nobility, The New Abolethic Sovereignty has proven to be a terrifying new threat to the free peoples of the North Sword Coast. Indeed, if they wield even a fraction of the power of their predecessors, no power on Toril may be able to stop them— It took the full might of the dragons to vanquish the original tyrants of the deep.

The forces of the Sovereignty have been different with each encounter, but all are linked by the prominent display of a seven-pointed star with three dots.

The attack on Wave Echo Cave was led by a fearsome illithid who exerted complete mental control over the squadron of drow soldiers accompanying him. The duration of the raid allowed the illithid to complete a powerful ritual capable of raising a 30-ton dragon arrow into Toril’s orbit. Oskar Oaken referred to the illithids as “prophets of the Dreaming God”, which could indicate that they occupy a leadership position, where their vast intellects and psionic abilities could be used to devastating effect.

The insular and secretive nature of the drow make it difficult to determine how widespread the mental domination might be. Whether the drow are being enslaved as individuals, or if entire clans are being turned is impossible to know at this time. Other underdark denizens have been encountered, including quaggoths, chuul, and grimlocks.

The foul abberations that have been dubbed “gibbering mouthers” after their appearance in Neverwinter are a new type of monstrosity with no previous record of encounters. Whether they were created by the New Abolethic Sovereignty, or are simply another variant of the highly mutable monsters of the underdark is unknown. Their horrific ability to completely engulf and absorb their victims may be somehow related Oskar Oaken’s claim that the chosen few would live forever within the Dreaming God. Unfortunately, Oaken’s mental condition has steadily deteriorated, and further interrogation has been unfruitful.

The New Abolethic Sovereignty

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