The Trial of the Mortals

In the aftermath of the Dawn War, Asmodues led the Ka Ha’n in resuming their task of shaping the planet according to the designs of Ao— an exquisite throne that would scintillate in the splendid light of the heavens. The lingering life on the planet had to be extinguished to achieve architectural perfection.

In secret, the god Kane had harbored a fledgling race of mortal beings. These were not fearsome in might and aspect like the aboleths, they were soft and weak and lived their brief lives in fear. Kane was moved to pity for these frail beings, and tutored them in craft by which they could survive in the harsh world.

Kane was discovered by the goddess Selune, who would often watch him from afar. Asmodeus demanded their destruction, but Kane appealed to the other gods to diverge from Ao’s plan and allow the mortals to flourish on Toril. Some gods looked upon the mortals and saw qualities they valued— artistry, bravery, loyalty, ambition, kindness, ritual, inventiveness, curiosity, and more. Others stood by Asmodeus and adherence to Ao’s design.

No reconciliation could be reached, and the planet shuddered when the gods went to war. The battle was decided when Bahamut and Tiamat joined Kane for the sake of their dragons, whom they had grown to love. Enraged, Asmodeus called to Ao for vindication, but no response was heard then, or ever after. The Overgod had vanished. Defeated, Asmodeus withdrew with his followers to seethe in bitterness, but in a last act of spite, plunged his spear into Kane’s heart.

Grieving, Selune lifted up Kane’s divine corpse to shine silvery bright in the night sky.

The Trial of the Mortals

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