Belegar Brasslantern

Master of the Brass Lantern Company


At 334 years old, Belegar is old for a dwarf, but his stout frame still appears relatively powerful. His weapon of choice is a two handed maul with a head in the shape of a lantern. As befits a dwarf of his age and status, Belagar’s massive white beard almost totally obscures the front of his body. The floors of the Brass Lantern headquarters are meticulously cleaned by the newest recruits to minimize the amount of dirt it picks up.


Belegar Brasslantern is the patriarch of the minor clan Brasslantern, though he is most famously known as the venerable founder and current master of The Brass Lantern Company. It is widely known that Belegar was born into the artisan caste, but spent much of his youth travelling far from home with a small band of non-dwarves. He is regarded as a local hero for the protection he provides in the destitute Beggar’s Nest neighborhood of Neverwinter, with many locals considering him something of a paternal figure.

Due to his advanced age, much of the day to day operation of the company is relegated to his son, Borgin Brasslantern.

Belegar Brasslantern

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