Borgin Brasslantern

Charismatic manager of the Brass Lantern Company


A dwarf man in the prime of his life, Borgin defies many of the typical dwarven stereotypes. His auburn hair and beard are trimmed according to the latest Neverwinter fashions, and has a reputation for being a charming and amiable fellow.


The son of Belegar Brasslantern, Borgin handles much of the day to day operation of the company. If Belagar is seen as progressive for a dwarf, Borgin is positively cosmopolitan. Preferring to keep his hair and beard trimmed short, Borgin is always dressed in fashionable clothes. Borgin is welcomed in many circles among the Neverwinter elite, where he is regarded quite popular with the ladies.

Borgin has been an active member of The Brass Lantern Company since his youth, and was instrumental in establishing their stellar reputation. His current office was achieved through merit, rather than being inherited from his father. Though he is rarely seen with a weapon, the younger Brasslantern is rumored to be quite a capable fighter. He is often seen in the company of his two companions and bodyguards: the half-elven swordsman, Itham; and the Northern brawler, Forath. His personal sigil is the Brass Lantern badge with inverted colors—a black lantern over yellow background.

Borgin Brasslantern

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