Sheridan Wildmoon

A young half-elven druid seeking wisdom in the outside world


A boy of 16 years, Sheridan possesses the beauty typical of his half-elven heritage, though his slight frame still bears the scars of displacer beast claws sustained when first meeting the Brass Lanterns. Sheridan is always seen with his red elk mount, Yakul, though Sheridan treats him more as a friend and partner, rather than a working animal.

Special Abilities
Druidcraft: Sheridan has access to druidic magic and shape changing.
Bearform: While not afflicted with the werebear curse, under moments of great duress his father’s tainted blood may manifest in limited ways.

Sheridan is idealistic and will typically agree to join any endeavor that helps people.


The circumstances of Sheridan Wildmoon’s birth are unusual even among the rare pairings that produce half elves— rather than being born from the union of a human and an elf, his parents were both half elves who overcame overwhelming odds to find each other and begin a life together. His mother Ellenwen was the druidic steward of the Kryptgarten Forest, while his father Ebor was a haunted man who was finally given a purpose for his cursed life.

When a party of hunters learned of Ebor’s curse and wished to seize the power of the werebear affliction for themselves, Ellenwen gave her life to protect her mate. Ebor and Sheridan were then powerless to prevent a coven of hags from corrupting the forest and opening a portal to the Feywild, from which they summoned displacer beasts to hunt down the druid’s remaining allies. Ebor blames his own ignorance of the ways of outsiders for the current disasters, and ordered Sheridan to venture into the world to gain the wisdom he will need to eventually take his mother’s place as protector of the forest.

Sheridan Wildmoon

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