Sildar Hallwinter

A retired soldier hired by Gundren Rockseeker to accompany him to Phandalin


Sildar Hallwinter is a human male of nearly fifty years. He is a retired soldier of the great city of Waterdeep’s renowned cavalry. Sildar keeps his gray hair and mustache closely cropped and neatly groomed; he continues to practice his swordplay and crossbow marksmanship.

After his torment by the goblins of the Cragmaw Clan, he walks with the aid of a cane.


Sildar met Gundren Rockseeker in Neverwinter, and agreed to accompany the dwarf back to the frontier town Phandalin. Upon arrival, Sildar hoped to investigate the fate of Iarno Albrek, an associate of his from the Lords’ Alliance.

Setting out before the party, Gundren and Sildar were ambushed by goblins on their way to Phandalin. Sildar was taken to the nearby Cragmaw hideout, while Gundren and his map were taken to Cragmaw Castle. After foiling a second ambush, the party tracked their way to the Cragmaw hideout, where they were able to rescue Sildar and defeat the bandit leader, Klarg.

Sildar hired the party to escort him safely to Phandalin, and in gratitude revealed the history of Wave Echo Cave and that Gundren and his brothers had found the long forgotten entrance. Upon arrival in town, Sildar asks the party bring him any information relating to Albrek or his remains.

After the party clears the Redbrands from their hideout in the cellars of Tresendar Manor, Sildar is present to help the freed Mirna Dendrar and her two children. The party informs him of Iarno’s treachery in his role as the Redbrand leader, Glasstaff.

In the absence of a formal Phandalin City Watch, Sildar has taken upon himself the task of maintaining law and order in the booming town. Whether he can enforce the peace by himself remains to be seen, but with the financial backing of the Lords’ Alliance, Sildar has been offering work to those who would eliminate threats to Phandalin.

Sildar Hallwinter

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