An Account of Dorn Ravensbrooke Part IV

Being An Account of Dorn Ravensbrooke, 3rd Baron to sit the Blackwood Chair

Part IV

“I know the very thought fills you with revulsion.” The black robed figure sounded almost sympathizing. “But how do you know that your feelings originate in your own conscience, and not the selfish influence of the divines? Is the faith of men warranted, or have the gods cultivated a predilection towards worship in us, their wayward children?”

I did not have an answer to that. I had never been an overly pious man, but still… to kill a god seemed a violation of the natural order.

“What have the gods ever done for us, save create an unjust world and mock our vain attempts to right it?” Only the man’s mouth was visible beneath his drawn hood. “I have never known a purpose more noble than your own; yet where were the gods when Ravensbrooke, the bastion of justice, was on the verge of ruin? The divines despise our attempts to reshape their world, to fight against the cruel and violent amusements they devise for us.

Save for one.

The one god who heeded your prayers. The god who sent us to aid you in your cause for peace. The god who was first among the Ka H’an, but sacrificed everything for the primordial order. The god who now goes hated and despised for his adherence to axiomatic Law—Asmodeus! The Bright Lord!”

The Archfiend. Could he really be the patron of The Order? I had been taught to always dread the dark influence of the devil king, but by whom? By men who were just as fallible as the next. How could I know what was true—was it not within the power of the gods to cloud the mind? Distort perception? Erase memory? I had fought all my life against the cruel abuse of power, was the ultimate example the manner in which gods toy with mortal lives?

My mind reeled. “How?” was the only reply I could muster.

The Order mage conjured a brief flame, summoning a black iron spear to his waiting hand. “There is power in echoes. Our master showed us the way when he slew Kane, the bringer of Chaos. Within the Lurkwood there dwells another god of entropy; its vile malignance seeps within your borders, poisoning your people and kindling turmoil in their hearts. Slay this demon and you will unshackle them from its influence. Mantle the glorious strike of our master and affirm his being. With the power it brings us we will make you an army of judges! Your vision for the world can be made a reality!”

The spear was gothic and ornate in styling, thin wisps of oily black smoke drifted from its surface. It felt warm in my hand.

An Account of Dorn Ravensbrooke Part IV

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