A village of like-minded spiritualists who believe that the path to peace involves mutual understanding between all the sentient races of Toril.

Brotherhood lies hidden in a canyon to the North of Triboar. The village is built on a holy site next to a petrified forest surrounding a towering stone treant, which somehow focuses druidic magic into a ritual known as “ascension”.

The leader of Brotherhood, a goblin druid known as Elder Kressan, discovered the site as an arrogant young (human) man, but credits his own ascension as the catalyst of his spiritual enlightenment.

Recently, Brotherhood was captured by the Eastern Legion mercenaries, who forced Elder Kressan to perform ascension on their leader, Marius. Marius was given a powerful new brass dragonborn form to replace his crippled body; and has journeyed to Hotahale, where he awaits a final confrontation with Biblios.


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