Notice Board

The Notice Board is the Brass Lantern Company’s posting of available assignments.

Current Requests:

What’s in a Name?— Vunik? Karl Vunik the professor of planar studies? He certainly didn’t die up North. Last I heard, he had been committed to Tranquil Shores Sanitarium, an asylum not far from Waterdeep. Who knows if it survived the Dragon Arrow, but it may have been far enough from the city to escape destruction. —Dr. Crow (Tim background mission)

Mirage— The spot on the map where Corel Harmonics should be— Bouran Dayspring says that no one goes there. That part of the desert is thick with land sharks. Go to Last Water and seek an audience with Bouran’s sire, the marid known as Estua the Generous. He may have a way of traversing the sands. (Ellywick background mission)

The Elfwhisper— Darby, much of our history is lost to us. The swordmasters you saw in your vision are from a time long past. Return to the Grove of the Sokushinbutsu— there, you may be able to find answers. After what happened with Master Aearion, I don’t need to remind you of the danger. —Dead drop missive from Nimda Elyk. (Darby background mission)

Illusory Comfort— Glim! I figured it out— Round up the most erratic, unpredictable maniacs you know and meet me at The Mask.— Lukas

Notice Board

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