Town Improvements

Available Town Improvements





Magic Items and Runes

Characters may purchase a house for 500 GP. The house is well secured with sturdy locks and provides a place to store money and items. In addition, the house provides a place to live and reduces lifestyle costs by 25%.

Shop buildings may be purchased in Phandalin for 800 – 1500 GP. Each shop provides the benefits of owning a home, plus space to establish a business.

A Large Monument of Heroes may be purchased for 1,200 GP. Celebrating the glory of heroism, the statue will attract skilled adventurers from far and wide. Once built, new player characters may start at level 5. Subsequent additions may be purchased to increase PC starting level.

The Stoneshield twins require financing to complete their most ambitious project to date: a steam hammer. This mighty feat of engineering will enable crafting from the hardest and most exquisite metals— mithral and adamantine. In additon, the machine will require hiring several new apprentices and a collier (charcoal maker) to keep the boiler stoked. Steam hammers are typically prohibited within human cities, but due to the Brass Lanterns’ great influence in Phandalin, an exception can be made. The cost of the project is 1,500 GP.

Completed Town Improvements

Dr. Crow’s Apothecary and Chirurgery Clinic has sourced new ingredients from the Lastwater Caravaners and the Hokulea trade junk. The following potions are available for 200 GP each: Diminution, Animal Friendship, Invisibility, Frost Giant Strength, Heroism, and Elixer of Health.

A Monument to the Heroes of Ravensbrook has been erected by the Baron Mithrildir Ravensbrooke to commemorate the liberation of the barony from the evil cambion, Vermillion. New characters may start at level 4 with 2,700 XP.

Runemaster Solan Stoneshield has joined his kin in Stoneshield Metalworks. He provides the expertise required to rework magical arms and armor, as well as the knowledge of runic inscription.

Dr. Crow’s Apothecary and Chirurgery Clinic has secured delivery of a portfolio of exotic potion ingredients, and will have the capacity to provide a number of beneficial potions for sale. The following potions are available for 100 GP each: Growth, Climbing, Hill Giant Strength, Water Breathing, and Oil of Slipperiness.

Moonrunner Arts and Antiques has opened its doors in Phandalin. The shop adds a touch of class to the up and coming city, and has piqued the interest of the emerging class of nouveau riche.

Dirk, the young apprentice smith at Stoneshield Metalworks, has produced a set of light armor based on descriptions of a high elf design. The haramaki is a band of metal plates that wraps around the midsection and protects the vital organs. It is light armor that sets AC to 11+DEX, weighs 10 pounds, and costs 20 GP.

The Finley Davies Eaton Carnahan wing of the research library in Phandalin has been established. Characters may spend 3 downtime days to research a topic, such as a creature or quest device. Characters may also roll the next Knowledge check with advantage.

A set of dwarven heirloom leather and bone tooling equipment has been purchased for Stoneshield Metalworks. Gralford Stoneshield is now able to construct armor incorporating monster materials, which will provide bonuses based on the attributes of the source.

Stoneshield Metalworks has acquired a dwarven smelter and other specialized equipment. Mastercrafted melee weapons and armors costing more than 50 GP may now be purchased.

With Wave Echo Cave now fully under control of the Rockseeker Mining Company, the brothers have financed a Brass Lantern outpost in Phandalin. The outpost occupies the former site of Tresendar Manor and provides contracts, hirelings, and lodging to characters in good standing with the guild.

The Stonehill Inn, a local favorite for brews and lodging, has proudly re-opened as The Bugbear’s Folly! Come experience the excitement of the very site where a group of brave heroes faced down a veritable horde of rampaging bugbears! Hear the tale as recounted by the proprietor, Toblen Stonehill, and purchase an authentic lithograph to commemorate your visit!

Town Improvements

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