Vovovia is a kingdom North of the Border Princes along the River Mirar. In the winter of 3374, a plague of undead was released upon the region, devastating its lands and population. The crown-prince, Pavel Vovov IV, currently rules a government in exile based out of Neverwinter, where he gathers strength for an eventual reclamation of the kingdom.

Vovovia is a land of great mineral wealth, but cold weather and rocky soil make farming a difficult task. A significant source of food is reindeer herding, but many of the tenders have been killed and the herds scattered in the wake of the undead.

In addition to the royal family and their retinue, it appears that the Vovovian mafia, or Bratva has also made their way to Neverwinter. The Bratva have been involved in numerous scuffles with Neverwinter’s Thieves Guild as well as the Brass Lantern.

Notable Vovovians:
Pavel Vovov IV— Crown prince of Vovovia, refuses to hold coronation ceremony until Vovovia is reclaimed.

Natasha Vovov— Wife of Pavel IV and Princess of Vovovia.

Father Grigori— Cleric of Old Man Winter (Kelemvor) and spiritual/mystic adviser to the throne.

Pavel Vovov V— 6 year old son of the Prince and Princess.

Mikhail PetrovichPakhan (Boss) of the Vovovian Bratva.


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